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We have worked with clients in a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, software, healthcare, consulting, and financial services.  We tailor our work to the individual organization.  Everything is customized.

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But don’t take our word for it…

“I am happier right now than in any other job I have ever held.  Part of this is due to having more authority to make good decisions for my staff and I see this as a result of the management team here and at APCC and our participation in the Best Year Yet process.  The support, mentoring and feedback I receive from my supervisors and peers allows me to make confident and smart choices.  I have been able, lately, to bring joy (as is my calling) to my staff in new and exciting ways – facilitating improvements, bonuses, recognition, etc.”

— Amy Alemen, Director, Albany Park Community Center (APCC)

“I loved your approach.  You came in without causing a stir and quickly understood our organization, down to our acronyms.  But the most important thing was that everyone here — even people who aren’t used to working with consultants — felt comfortable and open, which helped you connect with us and hear different perspectives.  We’ve already used your feedback to focus our training efforts this next year.”

— Carl La Mell, President, Clearbrook

“Shoop Consulting Group is a great resource for Hendrickson.  They make sure they understand our business and culture so that solutions provided are right on target.  Amy Riley is enthusiastic and responsive to our needs, and she is a true business partner.  She is also up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in her field.  Working with Shoop Consulting Group provides excellent value for the cost.”

— Constance Kocher, Director of Organization Development, Hendrickson International

“Amy Riley is professional, personable and effective.  She understands timeframes and the deliverables we need, with little guidance.  As a manger, Amy brings confidence to the project.  It gives you “peace of mind,” when you know that the work is covered.  Shoop Consulting Group is quick to start, is quick to finish and proactively follows-up.”

– Julie Scull, Director of Financial Knowledge Management, Hewitt Associates

“Amy is thorough when explaining concepts and she intuitively senses people’s needs for further explanation or examples.  She guides a group learning process smoothly with a comfortable ease and lighthearted enthusiasm.”

— Kristin Salada, Principal and Team Coach, New Angle Consulting

“You are extremely thoughtful and detail-oriented.  You understand the importance of accountability and action in achieving results.  You involve the people in the organization in designing their desired outcomes, and then coordinate a plan that realizes their goals.”

— Betsy Sobiech, Founder, Tiara Coaching

“You have a real passion for training and development and it certainly comes out in your work.  Each program that you design is specific to our needs.  Your creative approach to delivering training includes involving the learner, which helps to make the learning more fun.  I truly enjoy working with you.”

— Laura Boyne, HR Manager, Hendrickson Trim and Bumper

“I used Amy’s services during a period of my life where I did not know how to take care of “me”, where I was so focused on work, work and more work and where the “doing” was so overpowering. Her coaching allowed me to overcome the “guilt” in taking time out to “nourish the body and mind” in an effort to have a healthy body to achieve my goals. I am now able to balance business, philanthropic work, marriage, friendships and me time. Thank you Amy.”

— Zully Alvarado, Financial Coach, Silverado Financial Network